First 25 Websites (Alphabetical order)

Fav Website Name Category URL Status
aparat video sharing
asriran news
bama classified
bartarinha magazine
beytoote magazine
blog blog service
blogfa blog service
blogsky blog service
digikala e-commerce
divar classified
farsnews news
khabaronline news
mashreghnews news
mihanblog blog service
p30download download
persianblog blog service
picofile upload center
rozblog blog service
shahrekhabar feed reader
tabnak news
tasnimnews news
tebyan magazine
varzesh3 news/sport
yjc news
1varzesh news/sport

Second 25 Websites (Alphabetical order)

Fav Website Name Category URL Status
afkarnews news
bamilo e-commerce
cloob social network
downloadha download
e-estekhdam job board
entekhab news
fararu news
hammihan news
isna news agency
jamnews news
khabarfarsi news
khabarpu feed reader
mehrnews news
mobile classified
nex1music download/music
persiantools forum
persianv magazine
sarzamindownload download
soft98 download
softgozar download
uploadboy upload center
vista news
webgozar internet service
zoomit news/technology
90tv news/sport

Third 25 Websites (Alphabetical order)

Fav Website Name Category URL Status
aftabir news
alef news
dana news
digiato news/technology
farsroid download/app
ghatre news
hamshahrionline news
hamyarwp news agency
iranestekhdam job board
iranjib magazine
istgah classified
jahannews news
loxblog blog service
namnak magezine
ninisite magazine/kids
p30world download
pardad magazine
patoghu download
rajanews news
rasekhoon upload center
seemorgh magazine
sheypoor classified
tgju news
tnews news
yasdl download/app

Fourth 25 Websites (Alphabetical order)

Fav Website Name Category URL Status
aftabnews news
alodoctor magazine
banki magazine
bargozideha magazine
bornanews news
car classified
cup news/sport
donya-e-eqtesad news
download download
esam classified
estekhtam job board
fardanews news
hidoctor magazine
ilna news
jamejamonline news agency
p30day download
parsnews news
plus video magazine
sahamyab social media
seratnews news
takhfifan group buying
tarafdari social network
vajeyab internet servise
98ia download

25 High Quality Websites (Alphabetical order)

Fav Website Name Category URL Status
akkasee magazine
barsam news technology
beautykey magazine
blogad Education
chibeposham magazine
elmdaily news technology
emruzonline news Education
fitnessmagazine magazine
hamgardi magazine
kashkoal feed reader
khabarsport news/sport
mahsho magazine
mamisite magazine/kids
musicema music
noormags Education
ponisha classified
porsyar magazine
techera news technology
techshot news technology
tourismonline magazine
webna news
wired news technology
wp-mag news technology
1pezeshk magazine


  • This implies that all data is accurate and collected directly through Anetwork and its partners.
  • This implies that data is partially accurate as information is not collected directly through Anetwork.

About Stats

At Anetwork, we believe in sharing our knowledge with our distinguished clients and the public.

One of the highest requests we have received from our users is to share insights on website traffic rankings in Iran.

Traffic Rankings that can be retrieved from global traffic analysis systems, are only accurate to a certain point, with Anetwork Stats we plan to release rankings that are calculated using data that has been acquired through Anetwork and its partners.

Stats’s goal is to share accurate information on the top 100 Iran-based* websites active in the market based on traffic.

The following list is in alphabetical order split into sets of 25. As traffic rankings constantly change, we have grouped the data in this way to prevent inaccuracy.

*International and Spam websites have been removed from the rankings to focus solely onactive Iranian companies.

How stats works?

How to be listed?

Other reports

Mobile Internet User Distribution in Iran: With the beliefs of transparency and knowledge sharing, Anetwork has created this report to inform clients and the public on the distribution of Internet users in Iran. Download